Mind Body Problems – Common Causes

Mind Body problems are tackled easily with hypnosis. Mind and body are closely interrelated. In fact they are called out separately only because of mistaken understanding we have that they are separate and also for practical reasons. Any live person is just that – a person (with mind, body and spirit or whatever that goes with the package). A person is an organic, functional whole. Even the foods we eat affect our moods and the mood swings we have, impact how our body feels and mind behaves.

Seven Causes of Mind Body Problems

Great hypnotists like Leslie LeCron, David Cheek and more recently Dabney Ewing have identified seven causes of psychosomatic illnesses. The following is a modification of what they discuss in their works. If we can identify these seven ways as causes of a problem then we can twist that around and get these seven more or less ways to solve the problem also.

The seven causes of mind / body issues are

1)      Conflicts – Stress and tension caused by the mind being pulled in different directions

2)      Organ Language – Where body’s processes are controlled by language use and culture

3)      Motivation – Clients have a reason to keep their problems around

4)      Past Experience – Where the past experiences have left an indelible mark and the client’s inner mind still believes that the same situation prevails

5)      Identification – Symptoms caused because of imitating others and identifying with them

6)      Self Punishment – Mind is punishing for what it thinks as a wrong

7)      Suggestion – Repeatedly hearing negative messages makes it happen

These causes – either singly or in combination- result in many of our day-to-day problems.

All of these seven causes can be handled by hypnotic techniques.  We believe that the same mind that creates these can also cure these. Problem also shows the solution right there.