Identity Development with Hypnosis

Identity problems and hypnosis

Identification ( in this context) happens when we have a strong attachment to someone and we get the same complaints that the other person has. It can also start with imitating other people. So the attachment and influence can arise due to the influence of  a person we love or from a person we hate. It is the  preoccupation or being influenced by another person and being influenced by their characteristics that is important in developing identification. Our elders used to say not to mock people with some problem because then that same problem will come to us. If we want to be like somebody ,we let ourselves be like them, start thinking and behaving like them and then we become like them. The other person can be a close relative or a friend or even a screen hero. Sometimes people try to develop exactly opposite characteristics than those of the people that they have a strong reaction to. That in itself becomes a problem later on. Subconscious mind does not deal well with negatives. If the other person is obnoxious and you say to yourself ” I am NOT obnoxious” subconscious mind creates the obnoxious image first to create a NOT-obnoxious image. You have to keep the negative image around so that you can mold a positive image out of it. That is why we see so many polarities in our perspectives. We tend to see the world in polarities. when your sense of identity is good then identification problems will not occur.

Generating your own identity as “NOT like XYZ” is to be avoided.

I have seen people become preoccupied with the complaints of others. “ Is cancer contagious?”, “Is arthritis contagious?”, “Can I get this problem by being with them?” are very common questions. Some times this preoccupation itself leads to having some of the symptoms of the problem even if not the problem itself.

Hypnosis can help in such imitation problems by providing ego strengthening. Ego strengthening helps people to cultivate their own idiosyncrasies.  We can use hypnosis to show the differences between the client and others even if there is a close resemblance between significant others and the client. Hypnosis can help people bring out their own innate character traits, realize their own potential and blossom in their own way and journey their own path.