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About your hypnotist Dr.Kumar

Dr.Kumar Consulting HypnotistHi there – My name is Kumar Venkatachalam and I am an MD originally from India

Thanks for visiting my hypnosis site. Initially I trained in hypnosis about 25 years back while I was a medical student in India. I used to hypnotize my classmates and other medical students initially helping them face the stressful medical exams. We also had fun with hypnosis.  Then once I got my MD I was a resident in psychiatry. I practiced hypnosis and hypnotherapy full time in India for about five years or more and saw many strange cases and helped quite a lot of people with anxiety, depression, lack of self-confidence, psychosomatic problems like headaches, asthma, impotence etc. I could see the power of the human mind in action.  I came to the US 15 years back.  I moved to Houston a few years back. I am not licensed to practice medicine in the US. I want to use my background and knowledge in helping people with hypnosis.

My approach is more solution focused than problem focused; and I understand people holistically.

I always look with wonder at the innate healing powers within us. When I saw a baby who had 50 bouts of diarrhea  surviving after that ordeal, that taught me – there is always hope and there are healing powers and inner resources that everyone has that if we can tap, can work wonders. It is this understanding that I bring to my sessions – that YOU have the power and resources.

This is what my business card reads: Each person is an organic whole – with physical, intellectual, emotional, social, creative and spiritual aspects. Each person has all the inner resources to make changes to her/ his life”.

All hypnosis involves self-hypnosis. You have the inner resources and experiences in life that sometimes you are not aware that you have. You are not powerless and situations are not hopeless. You have “acres of diamonds’ in your own backyard. Hypnosis helps you bring your resources into play. It gives focus to your thoughts and allows you to tap your inner strengths – be it healing, learning new skills, handling stress or to battle “ the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune”. I quote Milton Erickson – one of the greats of hypnotherapy: “In hypnosis we utilize the unconscious mind. What do I mean by the unconscious mind? I mean the back of the mind, the reservoir of learning. The unconscious mind constitutes a storehouse...”

Hypnosis brings you in touch with your own inner storehouse.