False Beliefs – Get rid of them


We are all already under a hypnotic spell – so to say. Our mind is filled with the negative ideas and false beliefs that we took in in our gullible moments. These false beliefs and notions about the world and ourselves, such as “I’m not good enough”, “I shall never be able to get what I want”, “no one loves me”, “people cannot be trusted” etc. are negative suggestions we absorbed; and we made it our rules and policies by which we live. In other words, we live a life others’ opinions  and comments created for us. Living by any rule other than these strongly held beliefs causes anxiety and distress. We are imprisoned by impressions formed in our early years.

When we are children our mind does not have a fully developed critical faculty. We have very absorbent subconscious minds. We are very impressionable. What our parents and other people say becomes all important for us. We learn and grow with the constant feedback from others. So if someone is constantly finding fault with what we do, that conveys the impression that we are not up to snuff and this becomes a conviction. What the mind believes it achieves, One goes  from a bright eyed young mind to a muddled mush doomed to failure.

A lot of complaints rise out of negative self-hypnosis. Constantly hearing that you have problems makes those problems become true and real.

We are also looking for parent’s and others approval. If you feel that others have a low opinion of you, you do not want to perform beyond that low opinion so that you can satisfy those people’s low expectations of you. Becoming successful will upset those people whose approval you crave. What others expect of you, you make it your goal as well. This completes the downward spiral.

Luckily negative suggestions can be blown off by positive suggestions in hypnosis. Negative self-hypnosis can be countered by positive self-hypnosis. False beliefs can be replaced by belief in yourself and your true potential. You can learn to live by your own standards and carry your own standard.