Problem Is Not Your Solution


Sometimes what seems to be the problem is actually an acceptable solution to the client for handling his / her  current conflict or problem; so much so that they would want to have this problem around. All of us are familiar with the “playing hooky from school” phenomenon. People sometimes would like to have their neck pain or whiplash injury caused by accidents or whatever to get disability payments  or to make a claim or just to enjoy the rest and attention they are getting now. The person will not give up this problem as long as there is this benefit- where this current complaint is also the solution to some other problem. Students stressed out by academic demands get some  strange problems that will not abate till the stress is lessened or they realize that there are better ways of handling the stress.

Sometimes it seems impossible to totally give this up. But mostly we can find a better solution to the original problem that does not involve manufacturing this complaint. The solution that you follow should not involve a symptom that makes you avoid facing the primary problem that you had. For example if exam stress is the main problem getting sick in the stomach before the exam is not the solution. This may temporarily get you out of the situation but in the long run is sometimes even more problematic than exam stress. So the better solution would be to learn how to handle your stress better by learning relaxation or meditation or some such process.

Hypnosis can help in uncovering the reason for the symptom. Hypnosis can be used to relieve the stress and anxiety. The person can be given explanations and alternative ways of looking at things and solving the problems. Sometimes even plain positive suggestions and ego strengthening can give you the boost  to think of other ways to deal with the original problem.