Inner Conflict and Hypnosis


Conflicts are caused by indecision. When the mind is pulled in many directions this causes conflict. Conflict causes stress and tension. Imagine a car running on tires that are trying to pull the car in different directions. We know how difficult it is to drive on tires with different tire pressures.  Someone is in conflict when we hear “One part of my mind says I should do this; another part of my mind says I should not”. A lot of times when some one has had a strict and moral upbringing conflicts arise easily. Good people end up with problems related to conflicts – “ to be or not to be” kind of questions. If a person had grown up hearing “Do not lie for any reason” and had to lie or fudge with truth to survive in his/her job, this sets up a conflict. People with problems with smoking, tension headaches and many stress related problems will be helped by managing the conflict.

How do we address conflicts or Can Hypnosis help in Decision Making.

When we mentioned conflicts as problems with indecision we automatically mean that the treatment is making a decision. Indecision makes you lose focus. We need to focus to get rid of indecision. Focus on priorities – without sweating the small stuff.

Focusing is a technique that we can use in hypnosis to end conflicts. Whatever decision we need to make, if we have all the relevant information and that information is also available to the conscious mind, we can arrive at a decision. Getting the help of the subconscious mind is important since if the subconscious mind does not agree to that decision we will never go forward with the decision or we might even sabotage our own decision. We need to get the buy-in from the subconscious mind for things to work. Subconscious mind must feel “right” with the decision made. Have we not seen people deciding that from tomorrow they are not going to smoke ( decision made) but go back to it the very next day – because  their subconscious mind had its own agenda and reasons to continue with the habit.

Sometimes even after the decision has been made we will not have the confidence in ourselves and in our abilities to carry it out. Hypnosis helps out even there.  Ego strengthening techniques  are very helpful in making people walk the talk.