Organ language and mind-body healing with hypnosis


Every language has its own way of expressing a deeply felt emotion. Language also creates metaphors of experience. The funny thing with the subconscious mind is – it cannot differentiate between reality and make-believe. It reacts to metaphors the same way as it would to reality. Even when you have really seen only a thick rope but if your mind thought that it was a rattlesnake your mind would still react as if it is really a snake and cause fear and alarm reactions in your body. “This job is a headache”, “ I don’t have time even for breathing”, “It is so confusing my head is spinning”, “ fire in the belly”, “he is carrying the burden of his family all by himself”, “paralyzed with fear”, – all of these may seem like just expressive idioms but really  I have seen so many people with really the same kind of complaints that they figuratively used to state and capture the essence of their situation.

I have seen people with asthma who did not have the time to breathe;  backaches with bearing the burden of whatever they are carrying, backaches also when they felt betrayed and “stabbed in the back”, giddiness caused by confusion about what is happening that set their heads spinning. Organ language along with suggestion is a potent force in creating such psychosomatic ills.

Anger, fear, grief, guilt and shame can all cause havoc with the body based on how we view these emotions.

Luckily the same principles that were the cause of the problem are also part of the solution.

Hypnosis can deal with these in the same metaphoric way. I have used hypnosis to address these issues. One of the ways is to increase the bodily sensation or problem and noticing the feelings, thoughts, phrases, images and experiences that come up and finding out the cause of the problem; using hypnosis to help the client address the fundamental problem.

Another is to show how the same situation / experience / feeling can be expressed in plain language instead of using such body-oriented language. When our language changes, our reality changes as well.